Introversion as an identity


Deeksha Malhotra

versatile, distinctive and reliable

publication design | brand design


Hi, I’m Deeksha, a visual designer, a striving perfectionist, a creative thinker and a rebel to the ordinary. Following a more reserved aesthetic in my personal life, my designs are an expression of my explorations. I am eager to learn and driven to achieve, with the hope of giving back to this industry full of dreams. I’ve given my best to learning so far and hope to reach extraordinary heights.



Being an introverted person myself, more often than not people have tried to encourage me and push me towards being more outgoing. But through this project, I want to do the opposite and show how one can be the best version of themselves.  To design an identity that focuses on the emotions and sensations behind being an introvert: their perspectives, their characteristics, and interpretation of situations/life.