The Mental Health Project


Janhavi Sawhney

fun, colourful, conceptual

brand design | package design | publication design | multi-media


Exploring the simplicity of shapes and colours to get messages across in a simplified way.



As someone who grew up in India where Mental Health and Illnesses are considered a Taboo and not talked about, I had very little understanding of what they were or what it meant to be going through these. Coming to SAIC and having these conversations, made me think about these individuals that are experiencing these disorders/illnesses – what they might be going through – physically, mentally and emotionally. Many people are often sympathetic and empathetic to these issues, but as humans, we can only understand from an outsiders perspective and not be able to experience what they might be feeling or going through. As a way to increase the understanding of the symptoms caused by these disorders/illnesses, I chose 15 mental disorders / illnesses / struggles and using simple shapes, created a set of 15 posters and cards, which either express or invoke the feelings/symptoms of these issues. An additional set of postcards were created as a way to spread the word on a more personal level.