The Part of Taiwan I Didn't Notice

4.13" by 5.83", digital print


Natasha Tseng

minimal, clean, conceptual

brand design | publication design | photography


Natasha Tseng is a graphic designer born and raised in Taiwan. She aspires to visualize the culture she's familiar with into forms that travel farther. In addition to graphic design, she also uses medium like film photography and print media to make art. This probably isn’t relevant but she loves cats, occasionally writes songs and often feels nostalgic for times she’s never experienced.



Being in a foreign environment has forced me to reconstruct my identity; I became more sensitive about what makes me the way I am and the things I perceive differently from what’s considered norms in the United States—the famously known cultural shocks. But as I get used to American culture, I found out that I am experiencing a similar feeling every time I come back home. I started to pay attention to the things I was too used to and took for granted, the little things that built up our culture that I wasn’t able to recognize. This is a photo book presenting these little things I’ve collected over the years.